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Christian Meditation and Contemplation techniques

Christian Meditation is a sacred activity nourishing your faith that "the Kingdom of God is within you." This comprehensive instruction manual presents unique meditation techniques inspired by yoga that include coordinating the breathing and focusing on different parts of the body. These meditation methods are integrated into an entirely Christian context in which the number one priority is reliance on the action and grace of the Holy Spirit.

This book is divided into four parts: Part one describes clear and structured practices of Christian meditation, including the option of a 28-day meditation schedule for beginners to make a specific commitment to their inner spiritual growth. Part two provides guidelines for how intermediate meditators can deepen their meditation experience. Part three focuses on meditation related to overall spiritual growth. Part four shows how to practice meditation as a way of inwardly forgiving yourself as it is described in the philosophy of "A Course in Miracles." Although the word "yoga" is usually translated as "union," it can also be interpreted as "integration." The overall effect of combining traditional Christian attunement methods and nontraditional meditation techniques inspired by yoga is to bring about an integration and unification of the various levels of your being and to deepen your meditation experience.

However, these methods are only the beginning of this integration and unification process. The purpose of these meditation techniques is to prepare you for entering wordless contemplation, which is an experience of resting in the embrace of divine love. During contemplation there is an overshadowing of the Holy Spirit in which the mind becomes still without needing a specific focusing object. Through contemplation the Holy Spirit can lead you to a greater degree of integration and unification that will transform you and lead toward your ultimate destiny of awakening to divine union with God. f you are serious about learning how to meditate, I recommend that you conduct a twenty-eight day demonstration of your willingness to increase your awareness of the divine presence within. Outlined below are a set of procedures for your consideration. I recommend meditating for twenty-eight consecutive days because it takes that long to break the habit patterns of the mind. These procedures are not rigid rules, but only optional guidelines so feel free to make any adjustments in them that would be appropriate to your needs.

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